Battling the Polar Vortex, One LED At A Time


In November as the days grew dimmer the Catalyze Chicago team started getting a bit frustrated with the windows in our main co-working space. They consist of two banks of frosted glass cubes that are wonderful at difusing sunlight, but terrible at letting everyone inside look out at the ever-bustling Lake Street. More importantly, they don't allow to pedestrian and train traffic to take a peek at all of the exciting things going on here at Catalyze!

Our team has always had an interest in creating display systems : Multi-touch ExperimentsMorphieldPersistence, and Autoloop just to name a few. While looking up at those two banks of symmetrical glass cubes we thought, "Hey! We've got some dead pixels on our hands!" So we set to work to bring them to life.

Our team utilized Raspberry Pi, Micah Scott's FadeCandy, and a custom built server and iOS client to deliver an interactive display that allows the public to draw on the windows of our offices.


Take a look at the GitHub Repository Here