MB Labs is a group of artists, designers, and engineers who help create unique interactive products. 




Our team has an uncanny knack for building jaw dropping interactive installations. If you're looking for something truly unique we'd love to cook something up just for you.


Let us help turn your idea into a tangible product. Proof of concept prototyping allows you to start testing with your users and build a plan to manufacture.



Leverage our network of domestic and international manufacturers to bring your product into the world. 

Food Poisoning : Gross.


If you've ever fallen ill after eating at a restaurant then you can understand the importance of a product like MobileTherm. With the MobileTherm hardware installed restaurants are able to monitor their cooler's temperatures in real time. At the first hint of an over temperature event or power outage the device utilizes its cellular network connection to send push notifications to the companion iOS app and via SMS. 



Red Bull Challenge 2013


Red Bull's yearly challenge event may sound grueling to some: a 72 hours spent hacking away at a piece of art with little to no sleep. For us, it's better than a vacation. For the 2013 Red Bull Challenge qualifier the team built a six foot robotic arm that spins around a phosphorescent canvas. As the arm moves across the canvas ultraviolet LEDs flash on and off to burn a temporary glow in the dark image onto the canvas. A website allows the public to send drawings or images to the arm in real time.



Battling the Polar Vortex, One LED At A Time


In November as the days grew dimmer the Catalyze Chicago team started getting a bit frustrated with the windows in our main co-working space. They consist of two banks of frosted glass cubes that are wonderful at difusing sunlight, but terrible at letting everyone inside look out at the ever-bustling Lake Street. More importantly, they don't allow to pedestrian and train traffic to take a peek at all of the exciting things going on here at Catalyze!

Our team has always had an interest in creating display systems : Multi-touch ExperimentsMorphieldPersistence, and Autoloop just to name a few. While looking up at those two banks of symmetrical glass cubes we thought, "Hey! We've got some dead pixels on our hands!" So we set to work to bring them to life.

Our team utilized Raspberry Pi, Micah Scott's FadeCandy, and a custom built server and iOS client to deliver an interactive display that allows the public to draw on the windows of our offices.


Take a look at the GitHub Repository Here



Large Scale Multitouch Experiments


These experiments in table based multitouch interfaces are based on the TUIO protocol using Community Core Vision as it's tracker application. Because the TUIO protocol is based on OSC (Open Sound Control), an emerging standard for interactive environments, it can be easily implemented on any platform that supports OSC.
This enables us to pull from an array of client resources including Java, C , Max/MSP, Processing, Python, OpenFrameworks, and even Flash. This allows for assembly of the right combination of implementations appropriate for any project.



Red Bull Challenge 2012


For Red Bull's 2012 Challenge the MB Labs team created Morphield, a game table the moves the field instead of the players directly. Using 125 balloons and solenoids, 200 feet of pneumatic hose, 400 feet of wiring, and 1,500 solder points the MB Labs team put this creation together live in 72 hours.